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Date & time Mar 20
Event ends Mar 21 '26
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Whether you have decided to look into freelance engineering jobs to make extra money on the side, because you were recently laid off from your full-time position or because you want more flexibility in your professional life, Field Engineer is your solution to easily finding project-based work.
As far as telecom engineers are concerned, they have huge potential in an on demand freelance marketplace. Some of the job seekers rely on part time engineer job to help their finances. You think about freedom and independence – being your own boss with the benefits that brings with part time, one obvious thought how much would be the income compared to salaried. Field engineer is one top platform, which enables the success at the first go along with your skills. Your resume is the most important marketing security, and your LinkedIn profile can be critical for targeting part time engineering jobs.

Field Engineer is an online network that connects engineers and companies searching for engineers to make completing project-based engineering work easy for both parties.
By reinventing the way engineers apply for jobs, Field Engineer is introducing a new movement of accessing engineering career opportunities.

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