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Apurbo Sep 20

Variables are like small boxes made in computer memory in which anything can be stored. When we declare a variable, the computer assigns certain memory to that variable. Values ​​can be stored in the memory location of each variable. Again the value of that location can be accessed and utilized using that name when needed. Variables are the names that are used to store data in the program. In this chapter, we will learn how to do this in Python. Before that, let's find out what kind of data can be. We usually use 2 types of numbers. Integers and decimal numbers. In the language of the program, the first is an integer, the second is float and the rest of the letters and symbols are called characters.

The programming language is designed to facilitate the processing of Number, character, and string type data aggregates. This is done for the purpose of getting effective output or information. Data processing is done through the periodic execution of specific instructions or instructions used in a program. To create a program, it needs some basic elements like keyword, identifier, constant, string, some special symbols or operators, etc. Each of these elements is called a token in the C language. The characters, numbers, or symbols that are used to create these tokens can be divided into four parts. . E.g. Read more here Variable And Data Types.