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The Blurite Dragon: The dragon is level 205

The Blurite Dragon: The dragon is level 205

I was thinking, f2p have coinshare and RuneScape gold lootshare, but theres no point, it will never actualy be utilized as theres no drop within 50k from any creature. So whats the purpose? F2p have recieved a new guild, a load of new minigames and new armour and weapons. What better way than to give f2p a boss monster to actually get them drooling at the lips? The issue with the boss is that incorporating a new strong item to mellee will unbalance f2p even mroe, adding it to range or mage will jsut annyo the vast majority of mellers, I needed to become sneaky....

Blurite Dragons reside in the blurite caverns, to gain accsess that you want an"Ice crucial". To get it you need: Red berry Pie. Completion of knights sword. Simply speak with the dwarf in knights sword, then give him the pie for the"strange icicle" aka the ice essential. As soon as you have the key go down to the blurite cave, near the eastern end is a doorway outline. Use the key on the outline and input. The ice storm strikes 1 damage for every 20 minutes holding it. The Keys effect is nulified from the cave, your getting hit ones anyhow. (see later) The cavern will have a vaierty of ice Giants (lv 52, 83, 106) and ice hockey artists (lv 57, 90 and 110). All aggressive in a multi battle area. You enter a major place with a frozen lake at the center. Around the border is a two deep square parcel of land. 9fakes coming soon)

The Blurite Dragon: The dragon is level 205, the greatest f2p monster. Its greatest hit with mellee is 20. It will never stray off the ice lake also has the following outcomes. If you stand of this ice lake with over 30kg of items which you risk decreasing in. If you drop in buy RS gold the lake you just take 10 damage and just take 5 minutes to float to the side. Then you appear at the side of the lake.