Measurelet is a Danish MedTech company developing user-friendly solutions to improve and streamline the procedure about fluid balance measurements. Solutions making it easier for patients, health personnel, and the health sector.

15 percent of all hospitalized patients will have their fluid balance monitored – for example as it relates to dehydration, overhydration, or in order to observe illnesses in e.g., the intestines, heart, or kidneys.

A mere 1 percent displacement of the fluid equilibrium will result in symptoms.
Imbalance of fluid balance is a serious condition, and the consequences are poorer healing, longer hospitalization, and, at worst; death.

Fluid balance measurements are a normal observation, prescribed by doctors at hospitals throughout the world across many different specialties.

Measurelet develops and tests innovative, digital solutions as it relates to fluid balance measurements in collaboration with patients and nurses in the largest hospitals in Denmark. Simultaneously, Measurelet has built up a close collaboration with an array of researchers to support the scientific basis for the development work.

Measurelet was founded in 2017 when the two award-winning founders won – not just one, but several awards for their innovative, digital solution, the Measurelet Toilet. Since then, Measurelet has won several awards and recognition for their work and been interviewed for an array of media, podcasts, and more.

Measurelet Scale is the first commercialized product from the company. It was introduced to three Danish hospitals in 2019. Every ward has since chosen to continue with – and therefore acquire the digital solution. Measurelet expects to bring two new products to market in 2021 and achieve CE-approval with the first Measurelet Toilet to be installed in a hospital ward in 2021.

Address: Elektrovej 331 DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby, DENMARK

Phone : (+45) 2992 1111


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